Marine Logistics

Services: Marine Logistics     


  • Production of passage plans for tows to and from site
  • Coordination of deliveries by water, considering draft, air draft, tides, etc
  • Management of barge loading sequence and towage conditions
  • Production of Navigational Risk Assessments

Specialist Marine Plant

  • Supply of specialist marine craft including crane bares, tugs, safety boats, modular pontoons, etc.
  • Planning and managing mobilisation of Jack Up Barges, crane barges, etc.
  • Planning and management of high-risk activities such as crane transfers, heavy lifts, etc.
  • Coordinating tugs and safety boats
  • Obtaining necessary licencing and permissions for operations. Coordinating with third parties and implementing necessary control measures.
  • Providing crews and personnel fully qualified and experienced for the works.

Full fleet and services provided by GPS Marine

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